Common utilities that every computer tech should have on hand

  • Winzip - For extracting ZIp archives
  • WinRAR - For extracting RAR archives
  • Secure CRT - Excellent TELNET application, small and supports SSH.
  • WS_FTP - Free FTP application (I prefer FlashFXP, but this is good enough).
  • IP Tools - The best all around package for monitoring your network settings.
  • Useful Downloads - From the ANSWERSTHATWORK.COM website. Lots of useful applications, as well as some boot disk images.
  • TinyApps.org - An entire site dedicated to all sorts of small freeware applications. Some great utilities are located on this page.
  • NONAGS.COM - Freeware Site - Lots of useful apps that you probably never heard of and probably may not know you need. Worth the look.
  • Free Utils - A nice long list of Free Utils for just about any thing you can think of. Virus removal, system maintenance, network utils, etc.
  • Boot Disks
    • Bootdisk.org - An invaluable site for when you need to create a boot disk, and you need to do it fast.
    • BootDisk Project - Almost every type of boot disk necessary. It also includes some useful utilities for creating boot disks.
    • Bart's way to create Bootable CD-ROMs- All the information you would ever need to create your own customized bootable CD-ROMs. Excellent site.
    • Bootable Windows 2000 CD, with Service Pack Integration- A detailed recipe to create a Windows 2000 CD that is BOOTABLE and has a Serviceability integrated (aka SLIPSTREAMING) Also a good source for Windows Logos (check out the page).

    Shareware Sites