Up close and personal with the Craigway.  Oh and be nice, it may look like crap, but we call it an engineering prototype.  =^)  All the stuff you see here is basically from the 2002 or 2003 Robotics Kit of parts.


I cleaned it up a little for the picture, just a velcro strap around some wires.  It's a very simple design.  Like the segway it relies very heavily on the program.  Which outside of several high level college projects few have attempted creating balancing robots. 

This purpose of this project is to reverse engineer the Segway for the bragging rights of the few in the project, and for the district that funds us.

This platform in these pictures is to be redesigned by a newly started Principles of Engineering class at our school. 

Hopefully I shall be able to complete the programming by the end of the summer so that the final project would be completed by the class as soon as possible.