(Principles of Engineering)

The following pictures show the Engineering students in the process of building their payload containers for the Helium Balloon Activity. The payload container houses a 35 mm disposable camera, 2 radio control servos (precission motors) and the necessary electronics to operate the servos. The purpose of the container is to protect all the equipment while it hangs from a 6'-8' weather balloon at an altitude anywhere from 50 to 150 feet in the air. The students had to design and build their container so that they could take a picture via remote control and parachute the camera and/or entire payload container back to the ground. Below are some pictures of the construction process. Check back in a few weeks to see the pictures taken from the balloon. Updated 6-3-01

Helium Balloon Activity
Sewing the Parachute
The Crank
The Balloon
Camera Pics
Dropping payload

Helium Balloon Activity Packet
Equipment List (e-mail me)