Tele-Robotics Vehicle

Click on pictures for larger image.

  Futaba Skysport 4 VF
- 4 Channel
- FM Radio
- 72 MHz
  Picture of camera mounted on camera plate.
- Camera on right
- Sheet metal plate
- Wires behind camera get connected to battery packs and video transmitter.
Top view of camera plate wire bundle removed.  
Camera plate with Transmitter
- 2 mile line of site
- 1000' indoors
- Typical range: 500-700' due to electrical and structural interference.
Image of vehicle with Hummer body.
New Paint Job!
- Painted Flat Black to give    it a military look.
Rear left view. 

Notice the 900MHz antenna poking through the back.

Bottom view. You can see the 7.2 volt main battery and mounted just behind the front tires are the two 8AA battery packs that run the CAMERA and Tx. 
Front view: Looking mean.
Front righ view without body. The two 8AA battery packs are more visiable.
Closeup on Battery packs.
Inside the hummer body cover. Visible are the camera mounting plate (metal) and the 900 MHx Tx miunted at the back.
View of TRV with body off.
Close up of the Tx.
Video equipment:
- 900 MHz Rx (big wht box)
- 900 MHz Tx (front left)
- Camera mounted on sheetmetal mounting plate.