Tele-Robotics Vehicle

Mobile Platform
Video Camera
Video Transmitter
Video Receiver

      The focus of this activity is to create an autonomous vehicle with video and audio feedback. 

      The current stage of this activity is to mount the video camera to the R/C car platform with a pan/tilt servo assembly. This will enable the operator to control the direction of the camera.

      All equipment specifications can be found by clicking on each item. Pictures shown are property of Tower Hobbies  and Super Circuits.

04-03-00 The Hummer has been completed.  Thanks to Scott and Chris
04-16-00   Mr. Buonomo fried the original camera and transmitter ;-) He was trying to connect it to a Tyco 9.6v battery pack in the hopes that it would last more than 5 minutes and accidentally reversed the polarities. Oops. Anyway, we are currently waiting for the NEW camera to arrive from SUPER CIRCUITS.
05-15-00 The new camera and transmitter equipment arrived  today.
05-18-00 We are now in the process of attaching the camera inside the front windshield. We will focus on the pan and tilt mechanism after we have securely mounted the transmitter and batteries. The camera requires 12 volts (8 AA) and the transmitter  requires 12 volts (8 AA). The current problem is mounting the batteries to the chassis. When mounted to the inside of the Hummer body, the body tends to fall off when crashing into objects.

The front windshield was the first casualty to demonstrate that the Hummer body is top heavy when loaded with the video equipment.

There also seems to be an issue with the R/C Tx distance. So far the video signal can travel further than the R/C signal. Hopefully it is just an antennae placement problem.

05-19-00 The TRV was able to travel:
  - To the first display cabinet near the cafeteria.
 - To the guidance office doors.
- Onto the stage.
- Around the tech hallway corner and into the auditorium.
05-22-00 Continue designing internal equipment placement. 
08-10-00 Hummer body was painted "Bandit Black" to give it a flat black military look. Lettering will be done when school opens in September.
08-14-00 Actual TRV pictures posted.